Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs

Nutrition and lifestyle are an important part of healthy living, and we are very happy to offer programs to support you in achieving your wellness goals.  If you are interested in learning more about how food affects your health, including healthy weight management and disease prevention or management, check out our upcoming programs.  To register for any of the programs at Prime Care FHT, please call 905-878-1720.


Healthy You - Healthy Lifestyle


This group education program is for any patient and their family who want to learn how to eat healthy to feel better, manage their weight and prevent diet-related health issues or to help manage current conditions. Patients will increase their knowledge and enhance their skills related to diet and physical activity goals to help make positive changes for optimal health and wellness. Topics include: achieving a healthy weight, proper eating habits, getting adequate nutrients to meet daily needs (including sodium, fat, fibre, and carbohydrates), and how to incorporate physical activity into your routine that will help improve one's quality of life. Class is led by the Dietitian on a monthly basis. One-on-one follow up appointments are available as needed. Call our office to register for the next upcoming class 905-878-1720


Healthy You - Heart Health


This education program welcomes patients and their families who have heart disease (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or previous heart problems) or who have a family history of heart disease. The goal of the group session is to learn more about how diet and other lifestyle factors can help reduce the risk of developing and / or the progression of, heart disease. This program will provide information about how to change modifiable risk factors like stress, diet, smoking, obesity, and physical activity. Specific aspects of a heart healthy diet and how to incorporate tolerable physical activity will be discussed as well as strategies to help make these positive changes. Class is led by the Dietitian. One-on-one follow up appointments are available as needed. Call our office to register for the next upcoming class 905-878-1720


Craving Change

Do you struggle to make and maintain positive changes with your eating habits?

Then the 5-week Craving Change® program is for you! This practical, skill-based approach will help you:

  • Understand why you eat the way you do

  • Learn how your eating decisions are influenced by your surroundings, your body, and what you learned while growing up

  • Become more aware of your eating triggers

  • Tune into the thoughts and emotions that steer you off track

  • Have a more peaceful relationship with food

  • Use proven strategies to change your eating for the long-term

Call our office to register for the next upcoming program at  905-878-1720

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