Seniors Health Programs

We are happy to offer programs that support health across the lifespan by focusing on improved access to care, and education for healthy aging.  If you are interested in learning more about our Seniors Health programs, please contact Prime Care Family Health Team by calling 905-878-1720.

Fall Prevention Program


In Canada, one out of every three people aged 65 years and older experience at least one fall each year.  While preventing falls is important throughout the lifespan, the risk and fear of falling increases dramatically with age. Seniors are more likely than any other age group to suffer fall-related injuries, which can lead to depression, loss of mobility, loss of independence and death.  With an increasingly aging population, fall prevention is an important public health concern.  Seniors are a vital part of our Canadian families and communities, and it is imperative we work together to ensure their health, safety, and continuous participation in society. There is much you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Start by knowing your risk and the simple safety tips you can use to make your environment safe and reduce the chances of  a fall.  We offer periodic Fall Prevention classes aimed at increasing knowledge about the risk factors for falls, as well as strategies for preventing them.  Contact Prime Care FHT at 905-878-1720 for more information. 

Seniors Wellness & Education for Living Life (SWELL)


This program is for patients 55 years and older. Patients are seen on a referral basis for cognitive testing by a Nurse Practitioner and/or Registered Nurse. Patients who are interested in this program may contact their family physician’s office for a referral. We educate seniors about resources and services available by the Interdisciplinary Health Team Member within the Family Health Team. We provide assistance to seniors to access community safety assessments and resources. This program provides healthy eating resources including literature and group sessions. We offer assistance and support to caregivers of our senior patients to access community resources. The Registered Nurse provides a Home Visiting Program for seniors who are not able to visit their family physician regularly.

Home Visiting Program


The Home Visiting Program is part of the SWELL program, and is for seniors who are unable to visit their family physician regularly.  For more information on this program, please contact Prime Care Family Health Team by calling 905.878.1720.